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A Letter from Zach


A Letter from Zach

zach deputy

Hey everybody, what a great year 2015 was.  It seems like yesterday I set off on my first national tour, but in reality that was over seven years ago.  With years of bitter sweet memories and ups and downs on the road, I find it all worthwhile when I get to share my songs with you. I chose the harder route in the music industry, which is to say being myself. I could pick the popular style of the times and chose to fit into a scene that is established, but the truth of the matter is, I couldn’t play music day in and day out if it didn't resonate with my own soul. I see conforming as a self induced prison and all music is infectious. So why would I want to spread the message of changing who you are to fit in with the world? Being different is often cumbersome to the world, but I’ll let you in on a little secret; we are all so very different. I think we are all seeking to be understood in our own awkwardness, but terrified of being naked and vulnerable so we clothe ourselves with conformity. 

This is a very long winded way for me to say thank you. Thank you to those who have supported me through the years. The ones who love me enough to give me the comfort to take chances and be vulnerable at times. It’s funny how different I can sound depending on the audience. If they believe in me, I feel like we can go places musically that would be seemingly impossible. I was the shyest kid when I was younger. If it wasn’t for my friends and my family that always believed in me, I might not have ever stepped foot on a stage. As I developed as a solo artist, primarily all I had to vibe off of was you guys in the audience. Meaning, without you there, there would be no Zach Deputy and I love you so much for that.

I’m excited for 2016. I’ve got a new band (The Hashtags) and we have an album coming out in March entitled “Keep On Movin”. This album was sort of an accident, really. Me, Bill and Matt decided to hang out in the studio for two afternoons for fun and play some music and none of us planned on making an album. I sang all the tracks live with a cheap, old and dinted Shure 58 microphone. With no overdubs on my vocals or guitar, Bill’s drums, nor Matt’s organ, it’s about as raw as a record can be. Most of the songs were written within the two days that incapsulated the moment. After listening back to what we had done, we all kind of fell in love with the music and were so excited about it we decided to put it on wax. I’m also excited about some free music coming out for y'all this summer as a token of my love and appreciation so keep on the look out for that and we’ll be sure to keep you posted. 'Til then, I'm going to keep on movin’! I love you guys.

P.S.  My Bro Jay Stanley on da conga drums just joined the band! 

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