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I'm Gonna Love You


I'm Gonna Love You

zach deputy

I've never been a fan of Valentine’s Day. I know that might sound bad but it's for the same reason that I don't like birthdays. Those days seem to force actions out of us that we should be showing everyday, but a lot of us are just reacting to the expectations. I'd rather people show love just because they're compelled to out of the depths of their soul. I think love, "true love”, is a full-time job we all seem to fail at from time to time. 

If Valentine's Day is good for anything, it is to remind you and me of what we should be doing every day, which is to love each other. True love is self sacrifice and all I wanna ask you is what have you sacrificed lately? I say these things not because I'm perfect, but because I am imperfect and my conscience convicts me of it. There are no convictions in true love. So, love each other without measure because that's what we were born to do and anything else is against the nature of our souls. In that spirit I wrote this song, I hope you love it. 

I love you,
Zach Deputy

P.S. Thanks for all the feedback from those who received this song already via the mailing list. It means a lot to me. For everyone else, we wanted to make this song available for Valentine's Day to share with your loved ones. Help us spread some love around and download "I'm Gonna Love You" available for free today and today only!